Revealing the Reality: Gen Y Reflects on Burnout at 26 - Escaping the 'Busy' Trap

Revealing the Reality: Gen Y Reflects on Burnout at 26 - Escaping the 'Busy' Trap

Revealing the Reality: Gen Y Reflects on Burnout at 26 — Escaping the 'Busy' Trap

Growing up in my household, love was abundant, but so were expectations. My father, once entrenched in the optical industry, made a bold choice to prioritize our family over his career, becoming a dedicated private tutor. Evenings were a whirlwind of academic support as he meticulously guided us through homework and drilled us during exam seasons. Meanwhile, my mother, a homemaker with a penchant for perfection, maintained an immaculate home while keeping a vigilant eye on our studies.

For my sister and me, excelling academically wasn't just a goal; it was ingrained as a path to parental approval. The pressure was palpable, especially during exam periods, when the weight of expectations bore down on us. Late-night study sessions became the norm as we toiled to meet the high standards set by our parents.

Looking back, while we yearned for more leniency, we now recognize the invaluable lessons instilled in us by our upbringing. Our parents' unwavering dedication laid the foundation for our work ethic, shaping us into driven individuals. However, as we transitioned into adulthood and joined the workforce, the lines between dedication and burnout blurred.

The relentless pursuit of success became second nature, a legacy of our upbringing. Yet, as I reflect on my journey, I realize that the same fervor that propelled me forward also pushed me perilously close to burnout. The expectation to constantly hustle, ingrained from childhood, led me down a path where exhaustion became the norm and self-care fell by the wayside.

Now, as I navigate my career and personal life, I've come to understand that there's no prize for being 'the busy one.' Burnout taught me the importance of balance and self-preservation. While I'm grateful for the lessons learned from my upbringing, I've also learned to redefine success on my own terms, prioritizing well-being alongside ambition. It's a journey of self-discovery, one that continues to evolve as I strive to find harmony between ambition and self-care in this fast-paced world.