Unprecedented Discovery: Eczema Cream Revealed with Arsenic Levels Surpassing Limits by 430 Times, Alerts Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

Unprecedented Discovery: Eczema Cream Revealed with Arsenic Levels Surpassing Limits by 430 Times, Alerts Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

Health Alert: Eczema Cream Exceeds Arsenic Limits by 430 Times, Causing Concerns for Public Safety

In a startling revelation, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has exposed a concerning health risk associated with an eczema cream widely available on a Malaysian retail website and Carousell. The implicated product, Euzema Confidence Revival Cream, was flagged by authorities for containing an alarming arsenic level exceeding permitted limits by a staggering 430 times. This disclosure follows the identification of four products, including the aforementioned cream, found to harbor potent or prohibited ingredients.

The HSA's investigation was triggered by the case of a man in his 30s who, after a year of using the eczema cream, developed purpura—a skin reaction characterized by purplish-red spots resulting from small bleeds beneath the skin. The attending physician linked this adverse reaction to realgar, a mineral containing arsenic prominently listed on the cream's label. Promptly reported to the HSA, this case unveiled a hazardous reality lurking in a product marketed to alleviate eczema.

Acquired from a Malaysian retail website and available on Carousell, Euzema Confidence Revival Cream was endorsed on the manufacturer's website as a potent remedy for eczema, claiming to be "steroid-free," "100 per cent all-natural herbs," and boasting "no side effects." However, HSA's rigorous testing exposed a grim contradiction, revealing not only arsenic levels far beyond the acceptable threshold but also elevated concentrations of betamethasone—a potent steroid—and salicylic acid.

Arsenic, recognized as a toxic heavy metal, poses various health risks, including skin irritations, contact dermatitis, and peeling. Prolonged exposure to high arsenic levels can even lead to arsenic poisoning. Betamethasone, a potent steroid, demands careful medical oversight due to potential severe side effects. The sudden cessation of its use without supervision can result in withdrawal symptoms such as adrenal insufficiency, leading to confusion, muscle and joint pain, low blood pressure, and fits or shocks.

HSA's cautionary advice extends to the use of salicylic acid, present in the cream in elevated amounts. While commonly used to treat skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, excessive use may lead to dry, irritated, and red skin.

In light of these findings, the HSA urgently advises individuals who have used the implicated cream to seek medical attention promptly. This revelation underscores the importance of rigorous scrutiny and awareness regarding the composition of skincare products, emphasizing the potential hazards concealed behind seemingly beneficial solutions.

Health Alert: Public Warning Issued by HSA on Potentially Harmful Weight Loss Products

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has issued a critical public advisory regarding the sale of three weight loss products—HONEY Q Dietary Supplement Product, SLIME 7D ADVANCE Slimming Pill, and FINOs—following consumer feedback and alarming health incidents. These products, touted as "herbal and natural," were distributed through popular local e-commerce and social media platforms, including Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, and eBay.

A consumer who ingested FINOs reported experiencing vomiting and headaches, prompting HSA to scrutinize the products. Contrary to their claims, the authority's tests revealed potent medicinal ingredients, including sibutramine, benzyl sibutramine, fluoxetine, and orlistat in SLIME 7D ADVANCE Slimming Pill. Sibutramine, banned in Singapore since 2010 due to heightened risks of heart attacks and strokes, was formerly a prescription-only medicine for weight loss. The use of sibutramine and benzyl sibutramine can lead to severe adverse effects, including high blood pressure, increased heart rate, anxiety, and heart attacks. Fluoxetine, a prescription-only medicine, and orlistat, a pharmacy-only medicine, should be used under medical supervision.

Consumers are strongly advised to cease the consumption of the three weight loss products immediately and seek medical attention if they experience any adverse effects or health concerns. HSA emphasizes the absence of a quick and easy solution to weight loss, advocating instead for a balanced diet and appropriate exercise under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

HSA's caution extends to products promising miraculous recoveries from chronic medical conditions or claiming to be "100 per cent all-natural herbs/ingredients" with no side effects. Such assertions may conceal undeclared ingredients that pose potential health risks. The authority underscores the importance of exercising caution when purchasing products from unfamiliar online sources, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding their origin and potential adulteration with harmful substances.

To mitigate risks, HSA advises consumers to exclusively purchase from reputable pharmacies or established retailers with a presence in Singapore. Adulterated products, often manufactured without quality control, can vary in ingredient amounts and may contain different types of harmful substances across batches. This alert serves as a reminder of the imperative need for vigilance when navigating the complex landscape of health and wellness products in the digital age.

HSA Takes Swift Action Against Adulterated Products: Sellers Warned of Strict Enforcement Measures

In response to the alarming revelation of weight loss products containing banned substances, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has taken decisive action to protect consumers. Collaborating with local platform administrators, the HSA successfully removed the affected listings, while two sellers are currently assisting with ongoing investigations.

Given the products were labeled as manufactured in Malaysia and sold through Malaysian-based sellers or websites, the HSA has proactively alerted its Malaysian counterparts to this concerning development. The agency emphasizes the immediate cessation of sales by all sellers and suppliers involved in the distribution of these products.

HSA sternly warns that it will not hesitate to enforce rigorous actions against those selling and supplying adulterated products containing banned or prohibited substances, as well as potent ingredients. Sellers and suppliers found in violation of these regulations are subject to prosecution, with potential consequences including imprisonment for up to two years, fines of up to S$10,000, or a combination of both.

This decisive stance by the HSA underscores the gravity of ensuring public safety and the stringent measures in place to deter the distribution of potentially harmful products. The collaborative effort with platform administrators and cross-border communication with Malaysian authorities reflects the commitment to eradicating such threats and upholding the integrity of the healthcare and wellness market. As consumers remain vigilant, the HSA reiterates its dedication to taking firm action against those jeopardizing public health through the sale of compromised products.

The swift and resolute response from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) underscores a commitment to safeguarding public health in the face of concerning revelations about weight loss products containing banned substances. By collaborating with local platform administrators to promptly remove affected listings and initiating investigations with cooperating sellers, the HSA demonstrates its dedication to root out potential threats in the market.

The proactive communication with its Malaysian counterparts further exemplifies a cross-border commitment to address the issue at its source, considering the products were labeled as manufactured in Malaysia. The HSA's stern warning to all sellers and suppliers involved, urging an immediate cessation of sales, emphasizes the gravity of the situation.

The potential legal repercussions, including prosecution, imprisonment for up to two years, and substantial fines, serve as a robust deterrent against the sale and distribution of adulterated products. As consumers are urged to exercise caution in navigating the complex landscape of health and wellness products, the HSA's unwavering stance reinforces the importance of stringent enforcement measures to preserve the integrity of the market and protect the well-being of the public. In these collective efforts, the HSA sends a clear message that compromising public health will not be tolerated, and those found in violation will face severe consequences.