Deceptive Paths: NTU Dropout Admits to Faking Degree, Lands Jobs at Three Companies, Including Walt Disney Company

Deceptive Paths: NTU Dropout Admits to Faking Degree, Lands Jobs at Three Companies, Including Walt Disney Company

"Forged Credentials Unveiled: NTU Dropout Confesses to Deceptive Employment Strategy, Including Walt Disney Role

In a startling revelation, Fonseka Wannerichega Hema Ranjini, a 44-year-old Singaporean and former Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student, has pleaded guilty to forging an NTU Bachelor of Engineering degree certificate. This fraudulent document served as her ticket to employment at three companies, with The Walt Disney Company being one of them. The court proceedings on November 23 saw Fonseka admit to two counts of cheating and one charge of forgery, with sentencing scheduled for December 6.

Fonseka's legal defense is set to present a mitigation plea on the same day, considering two additional cheating charges. The court heard that Fonseka's academic journey at NTU took a turn when she withdrew from the engineering program in 2004, citing difficulties meeting module requirements and paying tuition fees. In 2005, she resorted to fabricating a degree using an undisclosed computer program, incorporating false signatures and even laminating the counterfeit certificate.

The motive behind Fonseka's elaborate ruse was to secure jobs with higher salaries, assuming that candidates with university degrees commanded better pay. This scheme proved successful as she secured positions at Marshall Cavendish and Scholastic Education International, drawing salaries of around S$4,200 and S$4,600, respectively. However, her employment with The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) in 2021 unraveled the deception.

The case sheds light on the lengths some individuals may go to manipulate their credentials for professional gain, prompting reflection on the importance of robust background checks and verification processes in hiring practices."

"Unraveling Deceit: The Walt Disney Company's Brush with Forged Credentials

In the intricate web of Fonseka Wannerichega Hema Ranjini's deceit, The Walt Disney Company became unwittingly entangled when they hired her as a learning editor in publishing on June 21, 2021. As part of the standard hiring process, Fonseka submitted her resume and a digital copy of her purported Bachelor of Engineering degree certificate.

The company, diligent in its verification procedures, entrusted Sterling Risq, a third-party vendor specializing in background checks, to validate Fonseka's credentials. Deputy Public Prosecutor Melissa Heng revealed that Sterling Risq, upon receiving the certificate, promptly sought validation from the Office of Academic Services at NTU.

The shocking revelation came when NTU clarified that Fonseka had withdrawn from the university without being conferred a degree or certificate. This stark contradiction to the presented document prompted Sterling Risq to notify The Walt Disney Company in October 2021 about the invalidity of Fonseka's certificate.

When questioned by the company's human resources department, Fonseka attempted to weave a fabricated narrative, asserting that she withdrew from NTU in her final year but was later issued the certificate upon request for proof of enrollment. However, her claims unraveled when it was revealed she was aware of the deception all along.

Facing the consequences of her actions, Fonseka tendered her resignation on December 3, 2021, ceasing her association with The Walt Disney Company on December 17. The legal repercussions loom large for Fonseka, with a potential jail term of up to 10 years and fines for forgery. Each charge of cheating carries the weight of a possible three-year imprisonment, fines, or both.

The saga serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the necessity for rigorous background checks in the hiring process and the serious consequences individuals may face when resorting to fraudulent means in the professional realm."

"In the aftermath of a convoluted tale of deception, Fonseka Wannerichega Hema Ranjini's attempt to forge her professional path took an unexpected turn, unraveling under the scrutiny of thorough background checks by The Walt Disney Company. As she faces potential legal repercussions for forgery and cheating charges, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust hiring processes.

The diligence displayed by companies in verifying credentials through third-party vendors like Sterling Risq underscores the necessity for transparency and integrity in the professional realm. Fonseka's resignation from The Walt Disney Company in the wake of the revelations highlights the severe consequences individuals may face when resorting to dishonest means in their career pursuits.

This cautionary tale resonates beyond the specifics of this case, urging organizations to remain vigilant in their hiring practices and prompting individuals to recognize the profound impact of ethical choices on their professional trajectories. As Fonseka awaits legal proceedings, her story stands as a testament to the enduring significance of honesty and integrity in the pursuit of a successful and ethical career path."