Surprise Tower: Korean Celebrities Astonished by Malaysian Tissue Prata's Sky-High Stature

Surprise Tower: Korean Celebrities Astonished by Malaysian Tissue Prata's Sky-High Stature

In an unexpected culinary adventure in Kuala Lumpur, a cohort of South Korean celebrities found themselves in a mamak restaurant facing a monumental surprise. Featured on a February episode of the popular variety show "With Your Money We Go Travel," comedians Kim Jun-ho, Jang Dong-min, Yoo Se-yoon, Kim Dae-hee, and Hong In-gyu embarked on a gastronomic journey at TG’s Bistro in Bukit Bintang, the vibrant heart of Malaysia's capital city.

With eager anticipation, Jun-ho, the instigator of the order, turned to the waiter for a recommendation, prompting the suggestion of the establishment's "signature" dish — roti tisu, or tissue prata. A confectionery marvel, this sweet flatbread is a beloved delicacy in Malaysia and Singapore, renowned for its delicate, crispy texture and extravagant presentation. Undeterred by warnings of its substantial size, Jun-ho boldly requested five servings, much to the bemusement of the staff.

As additional dishes like fried rice, tom yum soup, pineapple juice, and sweet lassi were added to their order, anticipation grew amongst the group. However, their anticipation quickly turned to astonishment as a procession of servers approached their table, bearing towering structures resembling architectural marvels rather than mere culinary delights.

In a moment of disbelief, In-gyu questioned Jun-ho's audacious order: "Five of these?" The scene unfolded with a mixture of awe and incredulity as the sheer scale of their order became apparent. Amidst laughter and disbelief, the South Korean personalities found themselves confronted not only with the unexpected height of their tissue pratas but also with a memorable lesson in the boundless creativity of Malaysian cuisine.

In the aftermath of their encounter with the towering tissue pratas, the South Korean celebrities found themselves not only savoring the flavors of Malaysian cuisine but also reveling in the shared experience of culinary exploration. As they exchanged laughter and incredulous glances, their unexpected encounter served as a reminder of the joy that comes from embracing new experiences and stepping outside of one's comfort zone.

With taste buds tingling and memories made, the group departed TG’s Bistro with full stomachs and hearts brimming with camaraderie. Their culinary escapade in Kuala Lumpur had not only tantalized their palates but also enriched their journey with laughter, surprises, and the shared delight of discovery. As they bid farewell to the mamak restaurant and its towering treats, they carried with them not just the taste of Malaysia but also the warmth of shared moments and the bonds forged over a meal to remember.