Ravi Menon Appointed as Singapore's Inaugural Ambassador for Climate Action

Ravi Menon Appointed as Singapore's Inaugural Ambassador for Climate Action

Ravi Menon Takes the Helm as Singapore's Pioneer Ambassador for Climate Action

In a significant move towards bolstering Singapore's commitment to climate action, Mr. Ravi Menon, former chief of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has been appointed as the nation's inaugural Ambassador for Climate Action. Tasked with spearheading Singapore's climate initiatives domestically and on the global stage, Mr. Menon will also represent the country in international forums dedicated to climate action.

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) announced on Tuesday (March 26) that Mr. Menon will lead efforts to foster public-private partnerships, particularly with the business community, to capitalize on opportunities in transitioning towards a low-carbon future. Additionally, he will serve as a senior advisor at NCCS, operating under the Prime Minister's Office, with both appointments set to commence on April 1.

Singapore has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, outlining strategies such as investing in low-carbon technologies and promoting sustainable business practices to realize this ambitious goal. NCCS emphasized Singapore's intention to actively engage in international collaborations to accelerate global climate action, leveraging its status as a global hub to drive meaningful change.

During his tenure as managing director of MAS, Mr. Menon played a pivotal role in developing a green finance ecosystem to facilitate the transition towards sustainability in Singapore and Asia. Notably, he led initiatives to establish a taxonomy for transition financing, spearhead international coalitions promoting transition credits, and create a blended finance platform to address climate finance gaps in Asia.

Recognizing Mr. Menon's extensive experience and international network in climate finance, NCCS highlighted his leadership roles in various international committees, including the Network of Central Banks and the Asia-Pacific Advisory Board of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.

Mr. Menon's appointment signals Singapore's proactive stance in addressing the climate crisis and underscores its commitment to driving impactful change both domestically and on the global stage.

In conclusion, the appointment of Ravi Menon as Singapore's first Ambassador for Climate Action marks a significant milestone in the nation's journey towards combating climate change. With his wealth of experience and leadership in climate finance, Mr. Menon is poised to drive transformative initiatives domestically and represent Singapore's interests on the global stage. His appointment underscores Singapore's steadfast commitment to addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and advancing sustainable development for future generations.